While magic is not uncommon, the type of organized schooling that would produce wizards is unheard of. Most organized religion is similarly absent, making divine casters very infrequent. Divine casters that do exist must choose from one of the Major or Minor gods from the Gods and Demi-Gods of the Wyvern Isles. Though firearm technology is very unrefined, many have taken to the path of the Gunslinger.

The following classes are NOT available
- Cleric
- Fighter
- Monk
- Paladin
- Wizard
- Alchemist
- Cavalier
- Magus
- Summoner
- Anti-paladin
- Ninja
- Samurai
- Arcanist
- Investigator
- Slayer
- Warpriest

The following 3rd party classes ARE available, and are all on the Pathfinder OGC
- Adamant’s Swashbuckler
- Adamant’s Warlord
- Gungnir’s Severist
- ICOSA’s Chaplin
- Tripod’s Beastmaster
- Tripod’s Bounty Hunter
- Tripod’s Corsair

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