Weapons and Armour

Uses the standard Pathfinder weapons, with the following exceptions
- crossbows are entirely absent
- reach weapons are highly uncommon, as they get caught in ship rigging and will give an attack penalty
- the following firearms are available

cost damage(m) crit range misfire reload time prof.
Pistol 100gp 2d6 4x 10ft 4 3 simple
Musket 250gp 2d10 4x 30ft 4 4 martial
Blunderbuss 200gp 2d8 2x 15ft cone 5 4+1 martial

The blunderbuss requires a full round action to ready before it can be fired.

Reload time is the number of standard actions required to reload the firearm. This can be reduced with the Quick Load skill and the Rapid Reload feat, which reduced the time by 1 round and allows Quick Load to be used more effectively with a higher DC.

When making an attack roll, if you roll equal to or lower than the misfire value, the firearm misfires. You must make a DC10 Ref save to avoid damage, and the firearm gains the broken condition.

All firearms treat their attacks as touch attacks within the first range increment.

Pistols can be used as melee weapons causing 1d6 damage, but if loaded this will knock free the bullet and require reloading.

Muskets come with bayonets, which can be attached or removed as a standard action. When attached, the musket can be used as a two-handed melee weapon dealing 1d10 damage. Reloading while the bayonet is attached takes 1 additional round.

Wearing traditional armour on board a ship, with the ever present threat of drowning and firearms that easily pierced it, was very uncommon. Therefore, in lieu of armour, characters gain a bonus to their AC equal to their BAB.

Larger, hand held shields were also largely disused, apart from the buckler, which is regularly available.

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Weapons and Armour

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